Scientists have invented ultra-slim needle for injections into the brain


Ученые изобрели сверхтонкую иглу для уколов в мозгScientists from USA have developed and created an ultra-thin needle, which will be used for injection directly into the brain.

Such injections helps to better withstand dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

American scientists have once again made a scientific breakthrough. This time innovation has affected medicine. Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of tech developed an ultrafine needle. She can help carry out the injection of drugs in the human brain.

The length of the new needles can reach up to ten centimeters. Thus, the stinger is made of heavy duty stainless steel. All the device will work remotely, that is, it can be controlled with a special remote.

Scientists have conducted the first study on rats. They piece was made Parkinson’s disease. After injection into the brain, was able to cure the symptoms of the disease.

Advantages of this method of treatment many. According to scientists, thanks to the injections will be able to more precisely and better to apply the product to the desired point. From such a method would have fewer side effects than treatment with oral or intravenous.


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