Scientists have found the main cause of the abnormal cold in the Earth


Ученые выяснили главную причину аномального похолодания на ЗемлеUnbelievable!

Scientists claim that the onset of the extreme cold on the Earth was the cause of massive solar flares. The fact that changing the position on the sun can cause anomalies in the climate.

According to the theory experts, the solar flares are able to provide some warming of the Earth. Accordingly, the regions of the Pacific ocean, there are some temperature reduction.

There is the phenomenon of El niño. The consequences of this event are the drops in temperature in the tropics.

Scientists say that the phenomenon El niño can cause like drought, and the sharp temperature decrease in some areas of the planet. This can be seen now, when the rapid period of a cold time covered some parts of the globe.

Experts claim that this result gave a clear flash on the Sun’s surface, which astronomers observed already last fall.


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