Scientists have found seven giant exoplanets


Ученые обнаружили семерку гигантских экзопланетEuropean astronomers have discovered seven planets unknown to this enormous size.

Researchers from Europe was committed to the opening of seven new large-scale planets.

The discovery took place with the unique Observatory, SuperWASP-South Observatory.

The team of European scientists have managed during works on studying of outer space to recognize seven vast planets that were under strength, resorting to the help of the astronomical center of the SuperWASP-South Observatory located in Sutherland, South Africa. In the framework of an ambitious program SuperWASP in the scientific discoveries involved streamserver SuperWASP-North, which conducts surveillance for an incredibly large number of stars simultaneously. Using eight wide-angle cameras of the probes, the astronauts managed to see a number of contenders for the title of the planets over the period from 2006 to 2012. Over the past few years, their titles have been officially approved.

The cosmic body were divided into classes from “supernatural” to “hot Jupiters”. The weighting parameters are the smallest mass, more Land is actually 38 times, and the radius of such a planet exceeds the earth 9 times. According to experts, the most interesting star is called WASP-140b and is a “hot Jupiter”.


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