Sanofi and GSK announce good result of their vaccine


Sanofi and GSK’s coronavirus candidate vaccine produces a strong production of antibodies that neutralise the virus in adults. That’s what the pharmaceutical companies announced on Monday.

According to the interim results in a study with 722 volunteers, a second injection at all ages and all doses resulted in antibody conversion in 95 to 100 percent of cases.

The extent to which the candidate vaccine was tolerated was acceptable and there were no concerns about the side effects, Sanofi said.

After a single injection, high levels of antibodies were produced in subjects previously infected with coronavirus. This suggests a strong potential for development as a booster vaccine to refresh a previously produced resistance to the virus.

“We know that multiple vaccines will be needed, especially as variants continue to emerge,” said Thomas Triomphe of Sanofi.

The two companies will start a large Phase 3 study with more than 35,000 participants, in which the effectiveness of the candidate vaccine against the Wuhan variant and the South African variant of the coranavirus will be tested.


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