Samsung has developed a new protection method for smartphones


Samsung разработала новый способ защиты для смартфоновNow in the Arsenal of Samsung, there are several patents describing various ways to protect information.

Until recently, the most promising of them was the scanner of the iris of the eye, which can already be found in the Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+, all of which are available for purchase yet 2017. However, a few days ago the South Korean Corporation was able to create a new way of data protection.

Samsung Corporation was able to obtain a patent for a new method of user identification, whereby all data on your smartphone, tablet, or computer information will remain safe from all outsiders. According to the description of the patent, the new technology is the measurement of blood pressure. Before anyone and did not occur this idea and the South Korean Corporation has brought it to life, albeit within the laboratory.

For identification of blood uses a traditional scanner Health, located on most Samsung smartphones. Also, the new technology is fully compatible with active monitor on the back of almost all branded smart watches. That is why new development can be embedded in many electronic devices because, in fact, we are talking about unique software, which has no analogues.

Using complex algorithm of the new method of information security will be created for each individual person pattern, and then, it will be possible to identify yourself and to access, for example, to the contents of a smartphone or any other electronic device. In proprietary software, Samsung has taken into account extreme values of blood pressure, as well as ensured compatibility with systolic and diastolic peaks, allowing you to unlock your phone can be at any point in time.

One can only hope that this technology, Samsung will find its place in its new electronic devices, and in already put on the market models.


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