Samsung has developed a new method of unlock


Samsung разработала новый метод разблокировки устройствBlood pressure person it is almost impossible to know and forge without his knowledge.

The engineers of the company Samsung created a new method of information security for smartphones.

Instead of scanning fingerprints or the iris of the eye, the South Korean company proposes to use the Hale blood pressure.

The company filed a patent application that describes a new method for authenticating smartphone users. This method relies on the measurement of blood pressure.

The technology uses a traditional scanner, which is located on the rear panel of the smartphone (Samsung Health), or an active monitor on the rear panel of “smart hours”. However, most of the work is done by software.

The unique characteristics of the blood flow will be used to create an individual pattern, which will be the authentication. The algorithm will consider different factors, to allow the user to unlock the device regardless of their physical condition.

The difference of this method from the actual to today is that the blood pressure of a person is almost impossible to learn and forge without his knowledge. This data will be anonymously collected regarding the app can be configured to collect only authorized amounts of data.

Reporters noted that the company may not bring this technology to market.


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