Russian authorities forbid to withdraw money from e-wallets


The Russian government continues to set new standards of surveillance of citizens and surround them with numerous restrictions. In particular, a draft law which would prohibit to withdraw money e-wallet, so withdraw will not happen.

However, the new ban will not affect all. As reported, to withdraw money is not only anonymous virtual wallets so that if your money is in the account, which shows your real name and other data, then there is nothing to fear. A new draft law prepared by the Duma Committee on financial market, but at the moment no details about it there. Now the Russians, or rather, individuals can get cash with anonymous wallets to 5000 rubles per day and 40,000 rubles per month.

Of course, the authorities hide behind the fight against crime and terrorism, but it is possible that after the accession of the new law in force for withdrawing money with the now personalized e-wallet will be charged not only by the Commission at the expense of the service, but also the tax at the expense of public needs. The bill has already been recommended for consideration by the Duma in the first reading. We will add that very soon will take place presidential elections, and if you do not want every day to hear about another ban for the next six years, then you already know what you need to do on March 18.


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