Russia angered Australia flight near Indonesia


Россия разозлила Австралию полетами возле ИндонезииAustralia reacted to the actions of the Russian aviation.

Air base Military-air forces of Australia in Darwin were put in high alert because of the flight of Russian strategic bombers Tu-95MS over the neutral waters off the coast of Indonesia. On Saturday, December 30.

As explained to the edition in the Ministry of defense, the air base in a short period in December was on high alert, in the event the need to have the ability “to respond to changing circumstances”. The Ministry said that the violations of foreign aircraft airspace in Australia were recorded.

“It’s a reminder that Russia is and wants to be a player in the field of security in the Pacific region, so will use military force to demonstrate this” — said one of the leading experts on national security issues Australia’s Peter Jennings.

The defense Ministry said that two Tu-95MS bombers and two military transport aircraft Il-76MD in early December caused international visit to Indonesia. The aircraft took off from the airfield in the Amur region to the airfield Biak and conducted aerial refueling over the Pacific ocean.

The Ministry added that Russian long-range aviation regularly performs flights over neutral waters of Arctic, North Atlantic, Black and Caspian seas, and the Pacific ocean. All flights are performed in strict compliance with international regulations use of airspace, said there.


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