Rospotrebnadzor advised the Russians to do food stocks


Роспотребнадзор посоветовал россиянам не делать запасы еды

The CPS advised Russians not to stock up on food because the shops continue to operate and overseasoned food can be hazardous to health. Recommendations related to the situation on the spread of coronavirus posted on the Agency’s website.

The CPS notes that during long periods of storage in cereals and dried fruit can appear insects (mole food). And if you start to “destroy” the food you can gain weight, which is not good for health.

When going to the store office advised to use gloves and to carry wet wipes to wipe the handle of carts or baskets. If the person can’t resist buying food in store, it is best to take food with a long shelf life that do not need a refrigerator. Perishable food for the future better not to buy. If the food bought to the house by courier, then upon receipt of package it is advisable to wash your hands. The office also reminds that from perishables can be waived if they were not delivered in thermo package or in the bag in the refrigerator.

We will remind, according to the latest data on April 1, in Russia is registered 2 thousand 777 cases of coronavirus. Most patients in Moscow, Komi, St. Petersburg and the suburbs. The day he died, seven patients.

All returned to Russia with signs of respiratory disease, and persons over 65 years of age with similar symptoms, will test for the presence of coronavirus. Test for the presence of coronavirus have to pass the health care workers at high risk of infection in the workplace, once a week, and in the case of the onset of symptoms immediately, as well as persons in institutions of permanent residence (if you have symptoms of respiratory diseases).

This week is declared outside Russia by decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin to prevent the spread of infection. In many regions in a state of lockdown — citizens are asked not to leave the house unless absolutely necessary.


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