Roman Felik, Sincere Systems Group and Instime are ready to peel investors off


Who will entrust money to Sincere Systems Group and Roman Felik? Surprisingly, there are plenty of people around who seek to ‘multiple’ their money. I have to disappoint all of them: there are no reliable ways to do it. You may try to invest. But investing in the outright scams will never pay off. Roman Felik, the owner of Sincere Systems Group knows it too well: he takes money from ‘investors’ and spends it for his own expenses. Which are huge.

Roman Felik, a notorious millionaire con man, has gained infamy for his deceitful schemes, duping unsuspecting individuals out of their hard-earned money to fuel his extravagant lifestyle and acquire fake IDs to conceal his true identity. Felik often targets rural and underprivileged individuals, luring them with false promises of high returns through stickers claiming his businesses are “registered in the UK” and “soon-to-be listed at Euronext.” However, victims who fall for his scams are left with nothing, as Felik and his associates use the funds to satisfy their personal debts and obtain fraudulent IDs to evade detection. His latest venture, Sincere Systems (S-Group), is specifically targeting financially illiterate individuals with promises of high returns through mysterious “artificial intelligence algorithms,” all while funding Roman Felik’s lavish lifestyle.

Sincere Systems or S-Group: Roman Felik and his new fraudulent venue

Roman Felik from Sincere Systems Group
Roman Felik from Sincere Systems Group. Early photo.

Felik has been associated with several fraudulent schemes, including Helix Global Capital, Swisscoin, and Instime, which are notoriously difficult to crack due to their complex Ponzi structures. These schemes have victimized individuals across Eastern European countries, leaving them financially devastated and struggling to recover from the deception.

Sincere Systems Group: Roman Felik new scheme: Forex and ‘AI recipes’

This is a pyramid scheme that will exist as long as the inflow of money exceeds the outflow. People think they are earning something, but it’s just numbers in their personal account.

Roman Felik's early days at Helix.
Roman Felik’s early days at Helix. It was long before Sincere Systems Group.

Since the accruals in S-group are not as high as in pyramid schemes, this one can exist for quite a long time. Moreover, they do not provide any guarantees of profitability and can suddenly announce that the money has been lost in the market due to force majeure.

This example shows that Sincere Systems of Roman Felik has been operating for over 2 years. But all pyramid schemes have the same end: loss of money, tears, and broken lives.

Let's help Roman Felik to pay his bills.
Let’s help Roman Felik to pay his bills.

The legend of the S-Group scammer Roman Felik is that they supposedly hold over $400 million in their Roboforex account, and artificial intelligence supposedly ensures a constant and high income on that amount.

Roboforex as an excuse for Roman Felik Sincere System scheme

It’s important to understand two things. Firstly, Roboforex does not have a license from any reputable jurisdiction.

“RoboForex Ltd is a financial broker regulated by the FSC, license No. 000138/333, reg. number 128.572. Address: 2118 Guava Street, Belama Phase 1, Belize City, Belize,” as stated on the website. Secondly, there is no brokerage license even in Belize.

It’s important to understand that Belize is a low-quality offshore with weak regulation. It’s a country in Central America with a population of 348,000 people. We do not recommend dealing with companies in such small jurisdictions. In case of any issues, you won’t even be able to physically file a lawsuit. That’s why scammers such as Roman Felik often use Belize.

Roman Felik on his way to Belize.
Roman Felik on his way to Belize.

Roman Felik’s S-Group scammers constantly deceive their adepts by claiming they have a license, but anyone with even a basic understanding of finance knows it’s just a scam. For example, in the fall of 2022, they presented “an American license” to fools. However, this document has no connection whatsoever to asset management.

The paper, issued in the name of SSG Venture Management, states: “Licensed to receive money for transmissions.” Clearly, this has nothing to do with the activities of “investment funds.”

Furthermore, here’s a response from the New York Department of Financial Services:

“Thank you for your inquiry. The certificates provided to you are fraudulent, as the New York Department of Financial Services does not license any organization with the name ‘SSG Venture Management LLC.’ If you have sent funds to this company and lost your money, please file a complaint against them and upload copies of all documents you received from them, as well as a copy of the receipt showing the money you sent. Additionally, if you have fallen victim to fraud, you can also file a report with the police.

Those are the other names Sincere Systems Group is known under

S-Group, SNT, Sincere Systems, Sincere Group, SNT token, S Media, S-IPO, Sincere Wallet, Sincere Card, Sincere Systems Group,,,,,, S-Group British investment fund, Company Sincere Systems LTD, Registered at 71-75 Shelton Street, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ, Registration number: 12269053 (,,,, s-ipo.ioy,,

Stay away of Roman Felik, FCA warns

Roman Felik on the beach
Roman Felik on the beach

The British regulator FCA has also warned that the scam Sincere Systems Ltd (S-Group) is operating without a license.

“This firm is not authorized by us and is targeting residents of the United Kingdom. You will not have access to the Financial Ombudsman Service, and you will not be protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), so it is unlikely that you will be able to recover your money if something goes wrong,” warns the FCA.

Beware of Roman Felik and his deceitful practices, his Sincere Systems and all his venues, as he continues to prey on vulnerable individuals with his fraudulent schemes. It is crucial to exercise caution and do thorough research before investing in any financial opportunity to protect oneself from falling victim to con artists like Roman Felik.

Helix scam was before Sincere Systems: some of Roman Felik earlier affairs

It’s not a first of Roman Felik affairs. Helix, hystorically, was a first. Upon investigation, it becomes evident that Helix was a scam. Extracts from the Companies House registry, available on the “legal information” section of the office’s website, reveal crucial details about the certificate of formation of Helix Capital Investment LTD, which claims to be a private limited liability company. As per the Companies Act of 2006, Article 15, the certificate of formation is a significant document that discloses the nature of the company’s ownership and duty.

The website of this dubious fund purportedly shows that Roman Felik, Dmitry Naguta, and Boghdan Vorontsov claimed to invest clients’ funds in various business ventures, which align with the definition of collective investment schemes (CIS) as defined in Article 235 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

According to the definition of “investment firm,” an organization that accumulates capital to manage and generate income, and subsequently provides dividends to clients, falls under this category.

The findings from the Companies House registry raise questions about the authenticity of Helix and its operations, pointing towards a potential scam orchestrated by Roman Felik and his associates. It is crucial to exercise due diligence and conduct thorough research before engaging in any investment opportunities to safeguard oneself from potential fraud.

Roman Felik and Helix Capital Investment LTD: Lack of FCA License as a predecessor of Sincere systems group

Helix Capital Investment LTD claims to be an investment fund that raises capital from the general public for investment products. However, a thorough investigation reveals that this business does not hold a license from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and is not listed in the register as required by the Financial Services Act of 2012. Instead, the company is only registered in the Registry of Legal Entities Company House, which is not in compliance with the regulations for legitimate investment funds.

This lack of proper licensing and registry listing raises red flags and suggests that Helix Capital Investment LTD may be operating as a pyramid scheme, where returns are dependent on recruiting new investors rather than legitimate investment activities. As a result, it is crucial for investors to exercise caution and approach this business with skepticism when considering investing their hard-earned money. And definitely avoid Belize-registered LTDs of Roman Felik.

When it comes to financial investments, it is important to verify the credentials and compliance of any investment opportunity, including checking for valid licenses and proper listings in relevant registries. Trusting your money to businesses like Helix Capital Investment LTD as well as Sincere Systems Group, which do not adhere to regulatory requirements, can pose significant risks to investors’ financial well-being.

2016: General Prosecutor’s Office Cracks Down on Roman Felik and Helix Capital for Fraud Charges

In 2016, the Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s Office and Security Service obtained substantial evidence against the Kyiv branch of Helix Capital, leading to the arrest of three individuals, including Roman Felik, on charges of significant fraud. Despite no “investors” in the Helix fraud ever receiving any money, the three criminals were found to be living lavishly, with thirty bank deposits, seven luxury flats, twelve cars, and four additional cars being seized.

However, the case has only recently been resolved in its entirety. Despite being under criminal investigation, Roman Felik, Dmitry Naguta, and Boghdan Vorontsov have continued their fraudulent activities, even traveling abroad. Several criminal and civil cases have been filed against Helix Capital and the three individuals in Ukraine and other countries, where they are suspected of fraud and other crimes.

Despite these serious allegations, Roman Felik, Dmitry Naguta, and Boghdan Vorontsov remain free to carry on with their deceitful schemes, preying on trusting individuals, including rural peasants, in an attempt to amass as much money as possible. The Ukrainian authorities continue to take action against these fraudulent activities to protect innocent victims from falling prey to their schemes.

Another Sincere Systems Group predecessor: the truth about Roman Felik’s Instime MLM Ponzi scheme

Roman Felik, a notorious figure, has been linked to the creation of Instime, an MLM Ponzi scheme that preys on unsuspecting victims through Instagram. Under the guise of artificially boosting the impact of bloggers, Instime solicits victims to spread the word about the fraudulent scheme, luring them with false promises of high returns and enticing prospects, often involving cryptocurrencies and tokens with MLM characteristics.

Roman Felik’s past is riddled with illegal activities, including operating an illicit casino in his hometown of Ternopil that was eventually shut down by authorities, resulting in the loss of winnings for local criminals. Moreover, sources reveal that Felik’s debts are mounting at an alarming rate of $10,000 per day, highlighting that it is Felik himself who is mired in debt, not the fictitious investors he has defrauded.

As investigations into Roman Felik’s fraudulent activities persist, it is imperative for individuals to exercise utmost caution and remain vigilant against schemes that promise unrealistic high returns. Conducting thorough research and diligently verifying any investment opportunities before parting with hard-earned money is strongly advised to safeguard against falling victim to scams orchestrated by unscrupulous individuals like Roman Felik.

Sincere System Group and Roman Felik’s Debt to criminals

Roman Felik, who has a history of owing money to mafia members, finds himself in a precarious situation. These debts cannot be easily discharged, and he is constantly under pressure to come up with new schemes to keep up with the mounting pile of obligations. One of his previous ventures, Helix, was marred by corruption and faced widespread criticism.

In an attempt to replace the failed Helix scheme, Roman Felik has now created a new affair called Instime and Sincere Systems Group. This scheme, which operates as a replacement for Helix, is likely aimed at continuing his con tricks in order to generate funds and appease his debts to mafia members.

It is crucial for individuals to be vigilant and exercise caution when dealing with individuals like Roman Felik, who have a history of fraudulent activities. It is advisable to thoroughly research and verify any investment opportunities or business dealings before getting involved to avoid falling victim to scams orchestrated by such individuals.

Roman Felik Fraudulent Schemes in Sincere Systems Group

In rural underdeveloped locations of Eastern Europe, people are often lured by the allure of schemes that claim to be “registered in the UK” or “soon-to-be-listed at Euronext”. However, being naive does not necessarily equate to being poor. There are always vulnerable individuals who are willing to part with their money in the hope of high returns. This is where Roman Felik comes into the picture.

Fraudster Roman Felik, known for their involvement in Ponzi schemes such as ‘Helix Global Capital’, ‘Swiscoin’, and now ‘Instime’, is an expert at deceiving gullible individuals. He and his accomplices use the funds collected from unsuspecting victims to finance lavish lifestyles, repay personal debts, and obtain fake IDs to evade legal troubles. Unfortunately, these schemes are notoriously difficult to crack, especially for corrupt Eastern European authorities.

Sincere Systems is a fraud.
Sincere Systems is a fraud.

It is crucial for people in underdeveloped locations and elsewhere to be wary of such fraudulent schemes and thoroughly research any investment opportunities before parting with their hard-earned money for the benefits of Sincere Systems Group. It’s important to be vigilant and cautious to avoid falling victim to the deceitful tactics of individuals like Roman Felik.

There are common things in Sincere Systems and other Roman Felik venues

Let’s take a closer look at the official web outlet of Helix Global Capital, located at, and conduct a standard scumbag detection routine:

  • No management and staff information
  • Copyright dated back to 2015 with no further news and updates!
  • Promising unrealistic returns
  • Vague language on products and returns, resembling Ponzi schematics
  • Registered by an individual from Ukraine in Hong Kong, hosted in Israel
  • Poor grammar and spelling that seem overly ridiculous

These red flags raise serious concerns about the legitimacy and credibility of Helix Global Capital. The lack of transparency, unrealistic promises, and suspicious registration details are indicative of potential fraud. As an informed investor, it’s crucial to exercise caution and thoroughly research any investment opportunities, especially when encountering websites with dubious features like those found on Don’t fall victim to potential scams and always conduct due diligence before making any financial decisions.

Sincere Systems advice: stay away from Roman Felik

Roman Felik is a resident of UAE
Roman Felik is a resident of UAE

Roman Felik is an able con man. Stay away from his promises, Sincere Systems Group and any of his venues. You have been warned. Be vigilant and in general run from ‘get rich quick’ schemes. You may be missing something, but in general you will keep your money and mental health at bay. That’s our sincere advice.