Regardie buys hand grenades to 166 million rubles.


Росгвардия закупает ручные гранаты на 166 млн рублей.

Regardie buys hand grenades to 166 million rubles. The Agency that monitors public order, armed urban patrols 57,5 thousand explosive ammunition

Federal service of National guard troops of the Russian Federation published a tender for the purchase of 57.5 thousand offensive hand grenades anti-personnel fragmentation shock remote actions (RGN; index 7Г21). Corresponding to the lot published on the public procurement portal.

According to the state contract, worth 166 million 706 569 thousand rubles 10 kopecks, ammunition purchased in the framework of the defense order.

Note that the supply of ammunition must be made no later than November 1, 2020.

Note that employees of Regardie created on 5 April 2016, did not participate in combat operations while serving in office. Regardie, according to open sources, did not participate in any international military conflict. Predominantly employees of Regardie patrolling the streets and, according to the Charter the agencies engaged in the protection of public order and public safety.


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