Reflections of the Madonna of coronavirus blocked Instagram


Madonna spoke about “conspiracy theories”,

The publication of conspiracy theories about the coronavirus, which did the famous singer Madonna, was blocked Instagram, and later deleted, reports the with reference for Today.

On his page on Instagram Madonna shared a video with statements that a vaccine against coronavirus “has been found and was available for several months.” She added: “They will allow fear to control people, the rich become richer and the poor poorer”.

The video depicted Dr. Stella Immanuel, a physician from Houston, Texas that claims to have treated 350 patients with coronavirus with hydroxychloroquine.

Instagram was initially blurring video and tagged him die: “False information”. It also restricted the spread of video in the social network.

A few hours later the post was removed by the developers of the social network “for false claims about treatment and prevention COVID-19”. This was reported Cancers vane, the official representative of the Instagram.

“The people who responded, commented or shared this video, you will see a message, which indicates accurate information about the virus,” said Wayne.

Note that in March this year, Madonna called coronavirus the “great equalizer.” In may, she announced that she was positive for antibodies to coronavirus, and suggested that she and her team fell ill with the virus in the end of her tour of Madame X, which took place in early 2020.


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