Queen Elizabeth II will miss the Remembrance day, speculations around her health are growing


Queen Elizabeth will not be present today at Remembrance Day, the annual commemoration of war victims at the war monument Cenotaph at Whitehall in London. She has back problems, let Buckingham Palace know.

“The Queen is disappointed that she will miss the service”, said the palace in a statement. It would be her first public appearance after a short stay in the hospital at the end of October. Prince Charles is expected to be present and will lay a wreath.

“This is no different from previous visits to the hospital, with the Queen for 15 years and Prince Charles in 1995 and 2001. The Queen’s absence means the Queen will not get the chance to travel to New York after her illness. She is now on holiday and will have no further comment. However, she will have some time off from the hospital. The Queen is also scheduled to see her private physician. The Prince will also return to London on Sunday and will make a public appearance again Saturday or Sunday, May 4,” she added.

During the memorial service, two minutes of silence is held and wreaths are laid in memory of the victims of two World Wars. The intention was for the 95-year-old queen to watch the ceremony from the balcony of the Foreign Office.

A man takes a photo of the service and a photo of the memorial site on April 22, 2007 after being detained for a period of seven days by MI6 in Berlin in a raid outside the embassy in Berlin, Germany.

The Foreign Office declined to comment on the events behind the memorial at which Mr. Cameron and Mr. Brown appeared and were held by MI6 on April 4. They later returned to the embassy at a later date.

Mr. Brown refused to go to the embassy in Berlin or he would have to give in to torture and murder charges after being arrested by MI6, an inquest heard.

Mr. Cameron’s lawyer, Peter Dutton, said the government wanted both men out of custody or deported, a plea deal, so they could go home.

There have been concerns about the Queen’s Health recently, after being hospitalized one night. On Doctor’s advice, she then took a few weeks of rest. What exactly the Queen has, has not been disclosed.

Dr Margaret O’Connell, Queen’s Support officer, said: “There have been fears that the Queen is having gastric ulcers, which is a serious condition in the women and women’s health.

“There have been also concerns about the Queen, when asked if she is having any abdominal pain during her stay.

“But Ms O’Connell said her tests, which are in progress, are always up for inspection and they are still in excellent condition.

“We are taking these tests because there are a number of patients who may have had gastric ulcers at any time during her stay over the course of their stay.”

A Queen’s Cancer nurse was called to the Queen’s Emergency Medical Centre on June 13. She was also treated for her gallstones.

During her stay, she suffered some discomfort, while recovering well. She was admitted to hospital with chest pains at 3:05pm because she was concerned about being able to walk again. Dr Mary McCarthy, Queen’s Chief Executive, said “everyone was relieved that Ms O’Connell was well and she was not suffering from any severe stomach ulcers”.


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