Presidential elections will be held in Egypt at the end of March


Президентские выборы пройдут в Египте в конце мартаThis was stated on Monday the head of the National electoral Commission of the country Lachine Ibrahim.

Voting abroad will last three days. It will begin March 16 and end March 18. Inside Egypt elections will be organized from 26 to 28 March, and their results will be announced on April 2. If none of the candidates receive the required number of votes, a second round will be held on 24-26 April, and the results will be known on may 1.

Registration of candidates will take place from 20 to 29 January, 24 February, should be approved the final list of candidates. On the same day kicks off the campaign, which will be stopped two days before the vote residing abroad of the Egyptians. It will end on March 23.

Acting head of the Republic Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was elected to the highest office in may 2014 and took office on 8 June. He gained popularity in the summer of 2013, when the army under his leadership was removed from power the Islamist Association “Muslim brotherhood”, replacing 3 July of the same year her protege of President Mohammed Mursi.

The only opponent of the current Egyptian leader 4 years ago was a socialist-nasserist hamdeen sabahi, gained about 3%. Al-Sisi then got almost 97% of the valid ballots, and now, under the Constitution, has the right again and one last time to stand for election, which will be the third after leaving office in 2011 on the wave of the “revolution 25 January,” the former President Hosni Mubarak. However, while al-Sisi has not officially announced his election plans.

The intention to nominate his candidacy had earlier announced the well-known activist and lawyer Khaled Ali, who fought for the presidency in 2012 as an independent and the youngest of the applicant. To participate in the elections of 2018 gathered and the ex-Prime Minister, retired General Ahmed Shafiq, who was the last head of government under Mubarak. However, this caused an uproar in the community, and he decided to drop out of the race for the presidency.

In 2012 Shafiq was a serious competitor Morsi in the second round he lost to him, according to official data, only a few percent. Then Shafiq went to UAE and returned home only at the beginning of last month.


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