Posted renders of the smartphone-the midget Palm Pepito


All have become accustomed to smartphones that barely fit in jeans pocket due to the large screen, and it has become the norm. However, not all are willing to put up with this: for example, the Chinese company TCL, which owns such brands as Alcatel and BlackBerry is going to release a smartphone Palm Pepito with tiny by today’s standards displayicon. And Yes, the Palm brand, she also bought.

According to the proposed description, the smartphone Palm Pepito will be equipped with only a 3.3 inch screen and the old Qualcomm processor 435, and a battery of 800 mAh. All his other characteristics are unknown, but they are not particularly interesting since all of the above in 2018 is irrelevant. It’s possible that all this is just fake and an attempt to draw attention to the gadget and revived the Palm brand, but today’s render of the phone confirmed the information about its filling.

Palm Pepito looks like a smartphone from 2010, and overall it is reminiscent of the iPhone 4 from Apple, but his camera is clearly copied from the iPhone X. According to some reports, the smartphone will eventually be a vertical slider with a hardware keyboard, because typing on the screen with a diagonal of 3.3 inches will only the owners of the tiny, fine fingers. Cost Palm Pepito and date of the premiere is not disclosed.


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