Physicians told who should definitely drink fresh grapefruit


Медики рассказали, кому обязательно надо пить грейпфрутовый фрешBenefits of grapefruit juice should not be underestimated.

Freshly squeezed juices from citrus fruits have long ceased to be a luxury. Modern people leading a healthy lifestyle, drink daily at least a glass of orange, lemon or grapefruit juice or a mix of several fruit.

Separate grapefruit juice is not the most popular, it is rather inferior to the orange, because it has a bitter taste. But dieticians recommend nevertheless to look at fresh juice from grapefruit because it has a valuable set of nutrients and, consequently, has a healing properties on the human body.

The rich fresh grapefruit?

This juice contains vitamins A, b, C, K, PP, beta-carotene, calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, organic acids, water, fiber. As we can see, the composition of grapefruit juice quite valuable, especially in the cold season, when the human body lacks vitamins, in the background develops vitamin deficiency.

Who needs to drink the juice of grapefruit every day?

– diabetics as fresh instantly reduces the level of glucose in the blood;

– high blood pressure to clear the arteries from cholesterol and to expand them, preventing high blood pressure;

– for prevention of hepatitis C, because this juice contains flavonoids, effectively destroying the virus;

– for those who have any problems with your teeth and gums, because grapefruit juice has a firming property;

– to prevent the formation of kidney stones or dissolving them;

– children and adults to strengthen the immune system;

– people with obesity, because with the help of burn fat grapefruit juice they can “passively” to drop weight;

– those prone to stress and strenuous physical activity, the juice from the grapefruit will help rejuvenate and calm down.

In any case, do not drink grapefruit juice on an empty stomach, thus it will affect the stomach and can cause the development of certain diseases, e.g., gastritis or ulcers.


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