Press secretary daughter complained that she has been refused an ambulance


Дочь Пескова пожаловалась на то, что к ней отказалась приезжать скорая помощь

Daughter of press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov Elizabeth complained that in Moscow was visited by the ambulance when she fell down a high temperature. The girl said that already visited the clinic, but one day she got worse.

“Yesterday I called an ambulance “112”, “dying” voice told me that I have not abating temperature, tears, breaks, and chilly […] I asked if I came from China or Italy, does it hurt my stomach/head etc. After a series of issues of switched on heads doctor who advised me to drink more tea and Nurofen. Thank you, goodbye! (In the end, I have a sore throat and flu).

Yes, I have a non-emergency situation, but it seems to me that the ambulance has the right to call each. Different. Now or so the doctor arrived, and I must say that you came back from Italy or China?

(Spelling and punctuation of the author saved. — Approx.”, — Peskov wrote on his page in Instagram.

The girl added that during the visit paid ambulance you need to pay “big money” from 4 thousand rubles. “And most importantly, I do not know whether a qualified professional! Free, often, can only give so obvious and useless “advice” for relieving symptoms,” says Peskov.⠀

Comparing the Russian preventive measures against the spread of coronavirus from the world, the girl said that “in Europe and many countries of the precautions above, than in Russia, the publicity anymore, so some of what is happening seems to be a panic.” But, in her view, the current situation such precautions, “it’s okay”.

We will remind, 2019 coronavirus-nCoV was first identified in the Chinese city of Wuhan at the end of December 2019. The who declared the outbreak of coronavirus an emergency situation of international importance. Currently, the incidence of new infection in the world has exceeded 95 thousand people were killed over 3 thousand people. In Russia the number of people infected with coronavirus, according to the latest data, is 10 people. It also became known that the capital has recovered the first man infected with coronavirus, it soon will be discharged. Due to the infection was cancelled St. Petersburg international economic forum, scheduled for early June.



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