Paradoxes of the universe


Парадоксы мироздания

Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin believed that the paradox is one genius. And with the great poet it’s hard to argue. Because only a genius can see something new that others think is obvious.

Here, for example, the journal Molecular Psychiatry publishes a study by researchers at the National Institute of health USA, from the results which shows that there is an inverse correlation between time spent on education and the risk of developing alcohol dependence. That is, the more educated the person the less he drinks. And Vice versa. Although from the point of view of an ordinary person like me should be exactly the opposite. Namely, the more a person learns, based on what the universe is, the worse it needs to be and the s baboutLisa likely it needs to drink. Because king Solomon said: a lot of knowledge multiply sorrow.

Yes, that’s you, by the way, is an example. There was Greta Thunberg, the Swedish girl from a good family. And all it was quite a nothing until someone told her about global warming. And immediately became the Greta all bad. And now she has to travel around the world and convince people that it is necessary to limit consumption, do not leave carbon footprints and generally go back to the basement. And like we can see all this warming and tend to agree with the appeal of Greta. Suddenly before us is the head of the Swedish clothing company H&M Karl-Johan Persson says: I’m sorry. But these calls to reduce consumption, all these requirements are Greta and her followers “to stop flying, stop buying” will not lead to recovery of the planet Earth, but to “terrible social consequences”. Because the recession will lead to unemployment and lower living standards. And that it is necessary to consume, on the contrary, more. And the money to spend on “environmental innovation, renewable energy and new materials”. Well, Karl-Johan knows better — he’s a billionaire and we didn’t. He is able to see the harmony in entropy.

Saw, for example, scientists from Berkeley inequality in the pursuit of equality. Not just anywhere, but in the journal Science, they published an article about the program used in U.S. hospitals to determine the scenario of the treatment of patients. And it turns out that the algorithms used are practicing the same approaches when assigning treatment to black patients and white. And the application statistics shows that chronic diseases occur in dark-skinned patients 26 percent more common than among whites. And therefore use the same approaches to treatment leads to the fact that white get more medical care. Because black loses her. And, consequently, the absence of racial adjustments in the program is the most that neither is a rabid racist.

You know?

Don’t you know?

Then sleep in peace.

And whoever understands, let him drink.


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