Pain in the coccyx: the above mentioned possible causes


Symptom may indicate a serious injury.

Pain can appear suddenly and can be a complication after an injury. But in the case when the pain begins to spread into the rectum, pelvis, femur or tibia, this leads to a significant deterioration in the quality of life. Let us examine what violations can lead to this condition and whether it is possible to prevent it, reports the with reference to

Coccygodynia – a pathological condition characterized by the manifestation of pain in the coccyx. The pain can be paroxysmal or permanent, with the additional appearance of a pulsating pain in the anus without the presence of organic pathology in the rectum. More prone to a disease of women, due to the structure of the coccyx. The female he is more mobile.


The types of coccygodynia:

  • coccygodynia: a manifestation of pain directly to the coccyx;
  • anorectal pain: it is characterized by the appearance of pain in the anus;
  • pseudococcidae: pain in the coccyx appear due to the presence of gynecological, urological or proctological pathologies.

Depending on the reasons distinguish the initial coccygodynia, and secondary, which is caused due to the presence of other disorders in the body.


  • Violations of the spins:
  • spinal injuries (often arise for professional athletes);
  • pathology of the lumbar (unhealthy lifestyle, excessive loading, age-related factor);
  • compression of the sciatic nerve (exercise, stretching).
    • Pathology of internal organs:
  • diseases of the rectum (fissure, hemorrhoids);
  • pathology of the pelvic organs (prostatitis, cystitis).
    • Excessive body weight (obesity): there is excessive pressure on the coccyx.
    • The compression of nerves by the action of different factors: pregnancy or childbirth.
    • Of the tumor.
    • The infectious process.

    The manifestation of coccygodynia

    The main symptom of coccygodynia is pain onset, which may be periodic or permanent. It can also occur after exercise, prolonged stay in a sitting position, either through sexual contact or the act of defecation is no apparent reason for it.

    The localization of the pain is possible only in the coccyx or give in anus, thighs and genitals. If you experience attack of a man out in a cold sweat, and skin becomes pale. All this negatively affects the quality of life. You have to refuse from going to the movies, and during the work process to sit on a pillow to avoid spasm of the muscles of the perineum.


    During diagnosis it is important to conduct palpation examination of the coccyx, with the explanation of the development of the clinical picture and the presence of trauma informed.

    It is important to exclude pathology of the pelvic organs, urogenital system diseases and disorders of the spine. Therefore, it is conducted a number of surveys:

    • laboratory tests blood, stool and urine;
    • Ultrasound;
    • colonoscopy;
    • CT and MRI;
    • the x-rays.

    It is also possible appointment of a consult, in the case of coccygodynia is called a mental disorder.


    The mainstay of treatment is the elimination of the accompanying disease. For pain syndrome, and assigned anti-inflammatory painkillers, muscle relaxants. High results are obtained by the use of physiotherapy: UHF, mud therapy, paraffin, ultrasound, rectal darsonvalization.

    Surgical method of treatment is used when combined therapy have not been successful or the results of the surveys showed abnormal mobility of the coccyx due to dislocation or fracture.

    Prevention it is important to promptly treat the disorders that can cause coccygodynia, avoid injury and observe the leisure – work.

    It is important to remember that the coccyx is part of the spine, and the emergence of pain which was caused by trauma or other factors do not have to tolerate. It is fraught with development of chronic forms of the disease that will poison much of life. Therefore, it is important not to postpone the visit to the doctor.


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