Opened in China is the third largest station in the world for electric vehicle charging, Tesla


В Китае открылась третья самая большая станция в мире для зарядки электромобилей Тесла

Three of the three largest Supercharger Tesla 50 electric car located in China, indicating the seriousness of China to switch to renewable energy faster than other countries.

The Tesla Supercharger is a charging terminal for electric car company Tesla, Elon musk, a network which is growing with rapid speed. 2017 last year was a record for the number of input of charging stations for electric vehicles. No less impressive are the plans of the leadership of Tesla in the upcoming 2018. This year, the leader in electric mobility industry managed to introduce 20 new Supercharger stations, including the third largest in the world, located in Beijing, reports Electrek.

Do the offspring of dreaming about the conquest of Mars Elon musk of Tesla in China is doing very well. Car sales in the electric motors in the land of the rising sun, where, after rapid economic growth will finally start to think about the environmental impacts increasing year by year. It is therefore not surprising that the three most large charging stations Tesla is located in China.


Last year, Tesla opened Supercharger 50 cars in Shanghai. This terminal became the largest in the world. Soon the company opened the same in Beijing. Confident in their plans, representatives of the company opened in Beijing another one of the largest electric vehicle charging station.

Supercharger is next to the hotel Arriva in Haidian district. This is the sixteenth station in the Chinese metropolis. According to journalists, its peak power can reach more than three megawatts.

As 2017 Tesla had a Supercharger 8250 around the world. During the past year, the company built 350 stations and continues to win new car market. The company believes that by the end of 2018, the number of charging stations for electric vehicles will be close to 18 thousand. Thus, at the moment, Tesla has the most extensive network of fast charging station for recharging electric cars in the world. Note that earlier Recensor reported “superiority” stations for electric cars compared to petrol filling stations in Japan.



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