One of Putin won the presidential election in the Czech Republic: than it threatens Ukraine


Друг Путина выиграл президентские выборы в Чехии: чем это грозит Украине

Milos Zeman won the election in the Czech Republic. According to statistics of the Czech Republic he managed to fend off his rival in the second round

As reported by RBC with reference to the Czech news Agency CTK Mr Zeman defended his right to remain President of the country. After counting 95% of votes he secured the support of 52%.

The opponent of Zeman in the second round – Jiri Dragos – 47,8%. He lost his mathematical chance to catch up with its rival.

The turnout in the second round of elections was 66%.

As in Ukraine, there is the division of the regions. Residents of the Eastern regions that are considered more “socialist”, are more favorable to the former Communist Zeman. The President, despite his health problems, and the glory of the “hand of the Kremlin” in Europe, in the periphery and the older generation because of his image “man of the people”, and Dragos was supported by the capital and young people.

As “Vesti” wrote earlier, Ukraine’s re-election Zeman is not very good news. The current President has repeatedly advocated for the recognition of Crimea as Russian territory, and for the removal from Moscow of sanctions. He said that the issue of Crimea can be solved by agreeing with Russia on compensation.

Friendly relations with Russia he calls a priority of foreign policy of the country. Anyway Zeman, to put it mildly, is not a supporter of the European Union – unlike Dragos, who wants to keep anti-Russian sanctions.

Zeman not only recognize the Russian Crimea, but opposes economic aid to Ukraine, while we have not resolved the conflict in the East. Besides, the Czech President has repeatedly opposed the entry of Ukraine into NATO, and three years ago, said that it would be nice of Russia to join the EU.

Zeman supports Prime Minister Andrew Babish, who won in the fall elections. He landed a similar look, no wonder they support each other in elections. He also advocated the lifting of sanctions against Russia, considering them ineffective because they have not forced Russia to return the Crimea. Minsk agreement, in his opinion, do not work, and nobody knows what to do next.

And Zeman and Babish don’t like immigrants and Ukrainians in the part of Czechs see the potential illegal immigrants (many of our to really work in the country without documents).

During the reign of the Duo of Zeman-Babish chances of the help and support of Europe, Ukraine has significantly reduced.


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