On Athos was found an ancient Cossack manuscript


На Афоне нашли древнюю казацкую рукописьOn mount Athos has revealed an ancient manuscript with the name of a famous hetmans-patrons.

On mount Athos, discovered an ancient manuscript – the book of names of Ukrainian Cossack XVII century, generous donations to the Athos monasteries.

About this Facebook said the historian Sergei Shumilo.

“In the manuscript written sort of Cossack churchwarden, in particular Hetman Ivan samoylovych, Ivan Mazepa, Pavlo Polubotok, Danylo Apostol, a famous Cossack Colonel – semen Paliy, Yakov Lizogub, Vasily Kochubey, and many others,” he said.

“The most interesting that the name of each representative of the Cossack recorded complete lists of their birth, so that this manuscript becomes a valuable source of genealogy and the Ukrainian Cossack”, – said the historian.

Sergei Shumylo also said that the book of names they plan to reissue to this valuable source available to domestic researchers.


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