Nutritionists told the whole truth about kefir


Диетологи рассказали всю правду о кефиреYogurt is the main dairy product, the properties of which are known not all.

In the society’s a lot true or not beliefs about kefir. As this product accessible and doctors call it healthy, people have a lot of additional questions and doubts.

Nutritionists once told the whole truth about who and why useful kefir:

Lactic bacterium. Many did not know that the probiotics in kefir is almost identical with the lactic acid bacteria of the intestinal microflora responsible for the digestive process. Thus, kefir can be called the most useful product for the health of the gastrointestinal tract.

Cells of the immune system. Again, not everyone knows that in the human gut resides the largest number of immune cells, but it is only in the case that the microflora of the body is in normal condition and there is enough lactic acid bacteria and acidic pH environment is not disturbed. The use of yogurt in this case leads to an improvement of the microflora in the intestine and at the same time – strengthen the immune system.

Increased acidity of the stomach. People who have such feature as increased acidity of the stomach, drink the kefir is in any case impossible.

Children and yogurt. Children, like adults, it is helpful to drink yogurt to improve digestion. But doctors strongly recommend not to drink kefir babies up to 7 months or 1 year. The fact that their mucous membranes of the digestive tract have not yet been prepared for this product and it can be really damaging. Earlier there were cases of irritation of the gastric mucosa in a young child, helped by the use of yogurt and eventually started bleeding internally.

What is the yogurt drink – fat or fat-free? Contrary to popular misconception, nutritionists advise not to drink kefir 1% or 0% fat. The fact is that low-fat yogurt does not contain fats and fat-soluble vitamins, which is poorly absorbed vitamin D and, as a result, calcium leaches from the body.


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