Nutritionists suggested how to lose weight in winter without feeling hungry


Диетологи подсказали, как похудеть зимой без чувства голода Of these products should be menus for weight loss.

New year holidays are left behind and not so far the beach season, so now it’s time to begin the process of transforming your body, if you have extra pounds.

The winter diet is the first step on the way to a beautiful figure

Many people mistakenly believe that in a period of cold weather to lose weight more difficult than in the warm season. This belief got a right to exist because of the shortage of fresh foods that are low in calories and consist essentially of water.

In fact, in the winter to deal with excess weight much easier. To do this, the menu need to include such products:

oats, buckwheat, rice porridge;

– fish and seafood;

– beets, all kinds of cabbage, including marine, carrots, radishes and other vegetables;

citrus fruit, apples, kiwi, berries;

– green;

– lean meat and liver;

– milk and milk products, cheese;

– juice of fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs;

– whole wheat bread;

– nuts;

– herbs used to prepare teas and infusions;

– honey;

– vegetable oil;

– dried fruits;

– bollocks;

– natural spices and herbs.

As we can see, the variety of foods for winter diets allows you to be pretty tight menu, through which you will be fed and will start to drop those extra pounds. But all other foods from the diet should be deleted. The most harmful for the figure include the following foods and products:

– mayonnaise and other prepared sauces;

– alcoholic and soft drinks;

– fried, smoked, sweet;

– white bread;

– potato;

– fast food;

– sausage goods.

What and when to eat, without any harm to health to lose weight?

In the morning, nutritionists recommend eating any cereal, eggs, sandwiches with boiled chicken, fresh vegetables and greens, and drinking coffee, green tea, ginger drink, svezheotzhaty juice or just water with a slice of lemon and spoon of honey.

As a second Breakfast and afternoon tea should be consumed dried fruits and nuts, fruit, fresh salads with olive oil, cheese, yogurt.

At lunch you can eat vegetable soups, borscht, roasted or fresh vegetables, boiled meat or fish.

Evening is recommended to eat 100 grams of meat, fish or seafood with 200 grams of salad from fresh vegetables and slices of cheese, drink herbal broth or yogurt.

By the way, winter is the perfect time for weight loss, because a simple walk on a snowy sidewalk has a positive effect on the human body, toning all muscles of the body simultaneously. Snow, skating, skiing, tobogganing is an effective for losing large amounts of calories that contribute to weight reduction.


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