Nutritionists have called the main rules of a separate food


Диетологи назвали главные правила раздельного питанияPopular combinations of products not promote weight loss.

1. Never eat during a single meal of farinaceous and proteinaceous products.

To digest these types of foods need different gastric juices. But if you want to digestion you were normal, you should not artificially hamper the stomach. Well the food is digested the same species (or combined with each other). Proteins are digested in the stomach with highly acidic gastric juices, those that interfere with the digestion of amidonul. Flour products in this gastric juice may start to ferment. don’t forget that oilseeds contain a high percentage of proteins.

Avoid combinations:
fish + rice;
chicken + French fries;
steak + pasta;
a ham sandwich;
cheese sandwich;
breaded fish;
sauces based on flour of the meat;
nut brownies.

2. During one meal should only eat proteinaceous foods from one group.

Excess protein leads to the production of uric acid, of which mainly occur rheumatism and gout.

Avoid combinations:
omelette with ham
omelette with cheese

3. Use only one flour product during one meal.

Even one baked product is sufficient to replenish the energy supply of your body. Too rich food harmful to the body, and it osobeno refers to people who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

4. Never mix during one meal sugar or sugar-containing fruits animal proteins.

This combination causes fermentation in the stomach. And sugar interferes with the digestion of proteins.

5. Never mix during one meal of starches and sour fruits.

The levels of digestion of starchy and fruits different. And for the digestion of starchy foods are not suitable acidic gastric juices which are released in the stomach to digest fruits.

6. Melon and watermelon best eaten an hour before a meal and with nothing to combine.

It is poorly digested foods, and they are no match. Melon is digested completely in the intestine. If it is something else, then it remains in the stomach and provokes all sorts of ailments — gastritno pain, gas, belching, etc.

Avoid combinations:
melon + ham
melon + bread
melon + cake
melon + fruit salad

7. The better to drink milk separately from any combination with other products.

However, you can combine it with fruits, salads, fresh or boiled vegetables.

Milk proteinaceous product that will be poorly digested together with other proteins or starchy foods.

If you can’t drink milk, yogurt, yogurt, yogurt — a great way out.

8. It is preferable to eat vegetable oil, not animal.

Olive, soy, sunflower, corn oil is good for health and contain essential fatty acids. In addition, soybean, sunflower and corn oil prevent the formation of cholesterol.

Vegetable oil blends with prodeinotherium products and flour products, it is only important proteins and flour is not at the same time.

9. It is desirable to avoid dried fruits.

In dried fruits there are and proteins, and oxides of carbon (flour), and it’s against rule 1 and is poorly digested. If you can not do without them, eat dried fruits together with green vegetables — fresh or boiled


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