Nutritionists called the most useful diet for weight loss


Диетологи назвали самую полезную диету для похуденияThis mono-diet for those who want to lose weight quickly.

Nutritionists talked about the benefits of diet.

Useful properties of buckwheat will be saved in the case, if not to cook, and brew with boiling water. To make it better in the evening then in the morning you will get a buckwheat porridge, ready to eat.

Prerequisite: you cannot add salt, sugar or any condiment. Also prohibited oil. There is thus prepared buckwheat can be in any amount, however it you will understand – a lot of it not eat. The last meal should be no later than 3-4 hours before bedtime.

What to drink with buckwheat diet?
If you want to achieve maximum effect, try to limit the water: purified or without gas. However, watch out for health. Because this diet completely deprives you of so glucose is necessary for proper functioning of the brain. So, seeing a deterioration of mental process, action must be taken immediately. Drink honey drink: a teaspoon of honey diluted in a glass of water.Don’t worry: the received glucose gets to the brain, and not be postponed in troubled zones. But from coffee and tea, even without sugar, it is better to refuse. However, if you are really serious, you can afford an Apple or an orange.


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