Now in Sochi: the Russian Orthodox Church will destroy one square


Теперь в Измайлове: РПЦ уничтожит еще один сквер

The authorities increasingly shift the decision of social problems on the mighty shoulders of the Lord God

Another Church on the site of the Park have already started to build in the Moscow district of South Izmailovo. This subsectoral public “Interesting Moscow”:

“In our little area started the construction of a temple at Magnitogorsk street on the lawn opposite to the house №19 (“roundabout”). And if we need to make this temple? There’s like 5 churches already there, another Catholic. Is it dramatically increased the number of believers?

This green patch was the one where dog lovers and not only could safely walk without disturbing anyone. If that is built, the better the Playground that in winter pour under the roller, and put next to some barn where you can change the shoes. In our area, even a cinema, no, not that ice rink.


In Russia, according to statistics, since 2000, with one closed hospital have built three new churches. Whether the Ministry of health and the government decided to shift the solution of all problems on the mighty shoulders of God, whether, considering how the Ministry of health, do not have time to read the burial service.


Теперь в Измайлове: РПЦ уничтожит еще один сквер 

Since 2000, for each closed school, there is one outdoor the temple. All are surprised of the ignorance of the new generation.


Теперь в Измайлове: РПЦ уничтожит еще один сквер 


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And then there was a country called Persia, with a developed culture, science and medicine. He has made a great contribution to world history, especially in the middle East. And then there came Islam, the country is now called Iran. And the ancient cultural values there just destroyed. And it’s not so much in Islam as in the total subordination of society to religion, for example, the “dark ages” in European history.


Теперь в Измайлове: РПЦ уничтожит еще один сквер 

So should we, the residents of the southern district of Izmaylovo, this temple?”

Draws attention pathetic is this temple on the banner: it turns out, it will be possible to find solace… the Citizens of Russia, apparently for consolation nowhere else to go.


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