New draconian VPN law in India forces ExpressVPN to leave the market


Following the new guidelines for VPNs being introduced in India, ExpressVPN has announced that it has removed its servers in India.

Harold Li, vice president of ExpressVPN, says:  “A new data law in India obliges all VPN providers to keep user information for at least five years. It is obvious that ExpressVPN will not do that and that is why we are closing our VPN servers in India. We refuse to compromise the data of our users at any time.”

“Logs are not only against our policies, we have also specifically designed our VPN servers so that they cannot keep logs, including by running on RAM only. Data centers are unlikely to be able to facilitate this policy and our server architecture under these new regulations. So We have no choice but to close all our physical VPN servers in India.”

“As a company focused on protecting online privacy and freedom of expression, ExpressVPN will continue to be committed to keeping users connected to the open and free internet in all privacy and freedom, no matter where they are. This problem is neither new nor unique in the current geopolitical landscape, allowing us to act quickly and adapt our infrastructure to maintain the integrity of our VPN services.”

For those who still want to connect to VPN locations in India, ExpressVPN offers two virtual server locations: India (via Singapore) and India (via the UK).


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