NBA: “Cleveland” leant “Miami”, “Boston” smashed “new York»


Completed the next game day of the regular championship of NBA.

“Cleveland” after the third “Boston” and “Toronto” have reached the 30 wins in a season. In the home game against Miami the Cavaliers emerged victorious from a tense ending. Guests had the chance to translate the game into overtime, but took upon himself the responsibility for the winning shot, James
Johnson has not failed to defend LeBron James.

Player of the match: LeBron James (24+11 rebounds+5 assists).

From “Boston” to avoid any problems in the home match with “new York”, and the Celtics were playing without the injured Kyrie Irving. To the break the Knicks lasted, but the second half finally bogged down in the defense of the home.

Player of the match: Terry Rozier (17+11 rebounds+10 assists).

The hero of the day was the defender “Portland” C. J., Maccollum, who scored 50 points in a house match with “Chicago”. In the first quarter, MacCallum shipped into the ring bulls record in the history of Portland 28 points. Along the way, MacCallum repeated the record of the clay Thompson, scoring 50 points not spent on the court more than 30 minutes.

The results of the matches of the day:

Orlando – Lakers 127:105 (29:25, 29:26, 43:30, 26:24)

Indiana – Memphis 105:101 (21:25, 34:28, 29:22, 21:26)

Brooklyn – Philadelphia 116:108 (30:34, 34:31, 27:23, 25:20)

Cleveland – Miami 91:89 (27:21, 21:29, 24:22, 19:17)

Atlanta – Charlotte 110:123 (28:35, 24:29, 32:33, 26:26)

Boston – New York 103:73 (27:24, 23:21, 31:20, 22:8)

Portland – Chicago 124:108 (43:19, 24:25, 35:31, 22:33)

Phoenix – Dallas 102:88 (36:17, 21:29, 24:15, 21:27)


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