Natalia Kholodenko admitted, how many pounds lost


The most popular psychologist in Ukraine told how he lost and why.

Natalia Kholodenko pleases his subscribers on Facebook with new videos, which started to tell me lately about losing weight. After she took part in the project “dancing with the stars”, her figure has changed markedly and many have been wondering how many pounds the psychologist dropped.

Just a few hours ago Kholodenko has shared a new video and released its stunning result in the signature to him, “O my postroyeniye 17 kg and about the transformation that happened inside of me. I really like my result, I’m going to improve it and want as many people as possible have joined the process!”.

By the way, Natalia Kholodenko, along with their coaches, strength and dance training, organizes a new course, in which they will teach participants how to love themselves and finally lose weight.


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