Nastya Kamensky did not hesitate to put “sleepy” photos


The singer wakes up very early and trains every day.

Nastya Kamensky morning took a selfie in the Elevator and then put it into Instagram. It is not signed this picture, but this did not prevent forty thousand subscribers to assess his likes and write in the comments a lot of compliments addressed to the singer. Moreover, she was photographed in a new Park with black fur that complements her image.

Later, Nastya Kamensky shared another photo, only this time on its second page on the social network dedicated to sports. Here the singer almost every day shows progress, the video broadcast with Jogging and exercising. And this time she took a group selfie in the gym, it is imprinted with Nastya Potap and their coach Andrey Chomicki.

Tens of thousands of people are sincerely grateful Nastya Kamenskih for powerful motivation relative to sport and training, because of her example many have joined the healthy lifestyle and change yourself and your life for the better.


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