NASA will conduct a unique experiment with people


NASA проведет уникальный эксперимент с людьмиNASA 12 people a month will lie down with his head getting out of bed

In the experiment, NASA recreates the conditions of stay of man in space, 12 volunteers will spend a month not getting out of bed.

The heads of the participants of the study will be “down”, a steep incline of 6 degrees, simulating the effect of microgravity. The experiment is carried out in the laboratory of DLR (German aerospace Agency), which cooperates with NASA. To participate in the experiment have already started 2 volunteers, taking special bed.

Under the terms of the experiment, the subject will spend in bed 30 days, not get up from it, even on the biological needs of the body. During this time the volunteer is prohibited from seeing visitors, and communication with family and friends is possible only through a tablet or smartphone, which should simulate a long flight on a space ship.

In addition, the laboratory part of the air enters increased, compared to earth standard atmosphere the concentration of carbon dioxide. In the spacecraft for the filtering system meets the ventilation, but she is not able to fully cope with the withdrawal of CO2. But the main objective of this research is studying the effect of microgravity when in a state of weightlessness fluids of the human body do not “fall” naturally into the lower part of the body. Including the blood that so constantly flows to the head of the astronauts, which affects the pressure and the individual’s vision.


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