Named the most useful substitutes


Options can be many.

Sugar is bad not only for the shape of its high calorie content. Sugar is bad for our health in General. Its excess causes a lot of bad — up to diabetes and obesity, reports the with reference on Voice.

For those who have decided to live without sugar, but can not completely abandon the sweet, a nutritionist, Pachinko proposed to replace it with a more safe sweet products.

The ranking of the substitutes from the expert:


It is a natural sahsimi, safe for health. Have 0 calories.

Stevezie – stevia leaf extract

Erythritol — sharepart from corn or melons.

Sucralose — an artificial shzam, safe for human.

Always look the part. Sometimes written “Stevia”. And in the pile of any harmful chemicals and other dangerous substitutes.

The only rule of the acceptance of such substitutes, TOGETHER WITH CARBOHYDRATES. Then you are deceiving the body and the insulin that is released at the sweet taste will not be produced in vain. Ie the main thing is not to eat it in its pure form and do not dissolve in water.


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