Named the most anticipated game in 2018


Названы самые ожидаемые игры в 2018 годуList.

This year we are waiting for many cool projects, and they added games that are not released on time, delayed or unexpectedly announced the imminent release.

Don’t want to jinx it, but judging by made by a popular techno resource list of 2018 will be the year of really powerful runs, in which gamers will play more than one year.

Monster Hunter: World

Genre: Action-RPG
Release date: 26 Jan
Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Plot: Gamer assumes the role of a hunter on an uncharted continent. It is tasked with catching or killing living there and very dangerous animals.

Expectations: Expect a beautiful and spectacular game with an open world and plenty of quests to destroy monsters. Judging by the trailer, gamers will find an endless fight with various creatures, dressing the character, and to procure for him the coolest weapons. But based on the plot, besides the action in the game more than anything and never will. But we’ll give this project a chance and see what happens at the famous Studio of Capcom.

Far Cry 5

Genre: first-person shooter, action, adventure
Release date: 27 Mar
Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

The plot: the Plot of Far Cry 5 talks about the district of hope, Montana. Here the prophet Joseph Led has created a society called “the Gates of Eden” and believes that his chosen Messiah to protect the people from sin the outside world. Then it turns out that Sid and his cronies are religious fanatics, armed to the teeth, and the main character in the person of the Deputy Sheriff, is sent to hope to cover this sectarian civil bench and arrest members of the “Gates of Eden”.

Expectations: Judging by the trailers, in the new part we are waiting for the familiar mechanics Far Cry flavored with wild nature and brutality of GTA V. isn’t it a recipe for a really powerful project, in which we will play for years?


Genre: Survival horror
Release date: March 30
Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

The plot: the protagonist, or rather his soul, didn’t remember anything about his previous life and end up in hell. The soul is able to possess the bodies of local residents, and with the help of this skill, the player will have to figure out who it belonged to and find a way out of the underworld.

Expectations: a unique project of the Polish Studio Madmind carries mind-blowing setting and at least strange gameplay. In addition, the developers added to the project the best practices of the horror genre and judging by the trailer, turned the game into something incredible. So Agony and appeared in the list of our most anticipated games of 2018.

We Happy Few

Genre: quest, survival, roguelike, survival horror
Release date: summer 2018
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

The plot: the Action We Happy Few takes place in the English town of Wellington wells. It is impossible to be sad, and residents of the mandatory taking pills called “Joy.” The main character, Arthur Hastings discovers secret information about his brother. He digs deeper and realizes that the townspeople are under the control of a dystopian government, and outside, terrible things happen.

Expectations: From the usual indie project, the game came under the wing of a full-fledged Studio and turned into a lethal combination of the popular genres of survival horror and first-person action. Stylistically We Happy Few is reminiscent of the BioShock series and Dishonored, so gamers expect from the game addictive gameplay and a powerful story.

Call of Cthulhu

Genre: adventure, horror, RPG
Release date: 2018
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

The plot: the Plot of Call of Cthulhu is based on the “Cthulhu Mythos” — a fictional fantasy world of the famous writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

Expectations: as planned By the developers, Call of Cthulhu will be the adventure, the investigation of first person with RPG mechanics, horror and stealth, as well as really dark atmosphere, semi-outdoor locations and multiple endings. Waiting for the most frightening and terrible adventure in 2018.


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