Named the five best gaming monitors


Названы пять лучших геймерских мониторовRating.

Journal Ichip tested gaming monitors and has placed models in the top-5. Journalists first and foremost looked at the ratio of price and quality.

In fifth place was the monitor AOC Agon AG271QX. This model is also good for gaming: response time of the matrix is 1 MS, the monitor supports the frame rate from 30 to 146 Hz, is the mode of “AOC Low Input Lag”, which reduces the load on the hardware monitor and further increases the frame rate. The monitor has all the necessary connectors, including DisplayPort and HDMI. Screen size 27 inch, TN.

In fourth place is the AOC Agon AG322QCX. The monitor has a curved screen size of 32 inches and is equipped with a matrix MVA, response time matrix 4 MS, the model has its own dynamics. There are connectors DisplayPort, HDMI, D-Sub and USB 3.0. The die will have weak viewing angles.

Third place went to ViewSonic XG2700-4K. One of the main advantages of the monitor – 4K resolution. Screen 27-inch, IPS matrix, response time of 5 MS, there is a DisplayPort input, HDMI and DVI. The matrix has good viewing angles, picture quality, the monitor has gained the maximum possible 100 points.

The second place Samsung C49HG90. The most extensive and, consequently, an expensive monitor. Screen size 49 inches, matrix VA, and a response time of 1 MS, the frequency of the refresh rate of 60-120 Hz. The model has the technology of quantum dot QLED and the function of picture-in-picture, which involves the simultaneous withdrawal of images from different sources.

And finally, first place was won by Samsung C24FG70. Feature a curved screen size of 24 inches, the matrix VA and the response time 1 msec, it is built on the technology of quantum dots, supported frame rate of 60 144Гц. The model has best relation price-quality.


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