Named smartphones, which are often copied in the last year


Названы смартфоны, которые чаще всего копировали в прошлом годуAbsolutely all the Chinese smartphone makers start with copying any successful mobile devices.

Most likely, such approach allows to save a lot of money on the services of one or more designers. In addition, it is obvious that many external types of phones like millions of people, so it is much more rational use of already known to all customers the way than to risk creating new ones.

Popular benchmark AuTuTu decided to reveal the list of smartphones that are most often copied throughout 2017. Staff AuTuTu conducted a study to determine which smartphones often copied little-known manufacturers from China in 2017. As it turned out, the design of stealing the most incredibly coolest mobile devices that everybody knows and which look like most buyers. Experts found that more than 2.6% of smartphones worldwide, released to the market in 2017, are clones of famous models. Most often, Chinese manufacturers are stealing the design of the smartphone from Samsung products because they find it most successful to follow. As many as 36.2 per cent of all copied phones in 2017, were her share, and often “twisted” models of Galaxy S7 Edge Europe Edition and Galaxy S7 Edge (China). On the third and fourth copy are Galaxy S7 and Galaxy W2016 respectively, both of which are very popular in the market of China.

In addition to these mobile devices, the ten most copied smartphone also got three more phone – W2017 Galaxy, Galaxy S7 Edge (USA) and Galaxy S8+, to all of which little-known brands are showing great interest in the hope to copy most plausible appearance, and some can even achieve the identical weight not to mention dimensions. In second place, with a very large margin from the first, is Apple, smartphones that copied by the Chinese companies in 7.7% of cases.

The cloned mobile device from the Apple Corporation turned out to be the iPhone 7 Plus managed to take fifth place in the ranking. Also little-known brands from China do not hesitate to copy the design of the phones from Xiaomi, Oppo and Huawei. This occurs in 4.8%, 4.7% and 3.4% of cases, respectively.

Названы смартфоны, которые чаще всего копировали в прошлом году


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