Named for the unique health properties of citrus


Названы уникальные для здоровья свойства цитрусовыхTasty and healthy.

Bright and beautiful, like the sun, sweet, juicy, with a spicy sour and tart notes… the aroma and diverse flavor palette to inspire and give moments of pleasure and a generous supply of vitamins is amazing.

Citrus is the most popular and common fruits in the world. They boast many beneficial properties, so they must be in the diet in winter, and even better – all year round.

Due to the large amount of vitamin C they help effectively combat vitamin deficiency and colds, contribute to a speedy recovery, strengthen the immune system and are powerful antioxidants. Also have a beneficial effect on the digestive process, help in cases of arthritis, heart disease, improve the functioning of the gallbladder.


They contain vitamins A, B1, B2, D, K, P, PP, calcium, potassium, iron, beta-carotene, organic acids, fiber, fructose, sucrose and other useful substances. These magic fruits to stimulate metabolism and prevent the build up in the blood cholesterol. In addition to all these properties for each of the citrus your horse.

Orange is considered the most useful of its kind and one of the three most delicious fruit in the world. Extremely useful red fruits in the fight against cancer. Use only 1 Sicilian orange a day reduces the risk of occurrence and development of tumors. Also, this Sunny fruit reduces the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease by almost a quarter.

Grapefruit protects against heart attack and strengthens blood vessels, helps in the fight against gum disease. Reduces the need for insulin for people with diabetes, as it lowers the level of blood sugar. Cleanses the body of toxins, speeds up burning of unnecessary calories, so it is often included in different diets. And scientists found out that he has the ability to reduce the craving for Smoking.

Lemon has antiseptic and antifungal properties, eases colic and cramps, normalizes hormonal balance and kidney function. Also, it is recommended for the prevention of cancer. Lemon juice is prescribed for anemia and sudden drop in pressure, atherosclerosis, urolithiasis, metabolic disorders, and hemorrhoids. Due to the content of Pro-vitamin A, this fruit allows you to maintain and even improve vision in older people and those who spends a lot of time at the computer.

Mandarin prevents blood clots in blood vessels, reduces swelling, indispensable for intestinal disorders and bronchitis, helps to remove the hiccups, fungus of skin and nails. This Sunny fruit contains vitamin D, useful in the cold season, especially for children, as it promotes the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the body.


Lime is effective in the treatment of varicose veins, protects teeth from caries and formation of Tartar, strengthens enamel.

Helps the body better absorb iron and stimulates the process of hematopoiesis, slows down skin aging, stimulates the formation of a particular protein collagen, which largely depends on its elasticity. Lime juice is used as a wound-healing, antiviral and antiseptic.

Aroma of happiness

Scientists have proven that the smell of citrus positively affects the emotional state, improves mood, gives
inspiration, increases efficiency, helps to concentrate, relax and even to cope with depression.

Essences and essential oils of citruses are widely used in aromatherapy and perfumes. They perfectly complement the fragrance, giving it a lightness, freshness and elegance.

World of beauty

Miracle citrus extracts are highly valued in cosmetology. They help to rejuvenate the skin, helping to smooth out wrinkles, making less visible dark spots, freckles, spider veins, remove various rashes and inflammation, excessive dryness and peeling, have a bleaching and anti-cellulite effect.

Strengthens weak and damaged hair, are actively fighting with their hair loss and dandruff. And effective with brittle and nails.

The secret of the gourmet

A very popular citrus fruit and in cooking. Cooks, confectioners, bartenders love to experiment with these unique ingredients, who is able to bring to any dish and drink is a real highlight. Add them to smoothies, tinctures, teas, salads, desserts, canned soups. They serve as an excellent complement to poultry, game, meat and seafood.

Simple recipe

On the basis of citrus can be prepared a lot of useful masks for skin. Happy to share one of them.

Whitening mask with grapefruit for all skin types


Yeast — 1 tbsp

Fresh grapefruit juice — 3 tbsp

Method of preparation:

Mix the yeast and juice of grapefruit. Heat the mixture on a water bath and apply mask evenly on face, neck and décolleté. After 15 minutes remove with a cotton pad, liberally soaked in green tea. After this, rinse your face with warm water. Charge your body with vitamins during the season of colds and flu, and at the same time to warm up, you can use delicious non-alcoholic cocktail with citrus juice.

Citrus punch

Ingredients (8 servings):

Apple juice 1 l

Fresh orange juice – 1 Cup

Lemon juice ¼ Cup

Apples – 1 PC.

Oranges – 1 piece

Ginger root (grated) – 1-2 tsp

Honey – 1-2 tbsp

Cinnamon – 2 sticks

Cloves – 4 PCs.

Method of preparation:

Mix Apple, orange and lemon juices. Add the honey (add honey to taste), put on a slow fire until boiling. Add grated ginger root, cloves and cinnamon sticks. Cook 2-3 minutes Then add the slices of Apple and orange and cook for another 3 min. Punch serve hot, garnished with slices of orange, lemon or lime.

On a note

● Citrus can easily interbreed with each other, forming new and unusual hybrids. There are varieties of them: tangelo (cross between tangerine and grapefruit), Yuzu (an ancient cross between Mandarin and lemon Achinskogo), etrog (a type of citron), one more unique type of citron “Buddha’s hand” (or citron palmate), sweetie or Oroblanco (hybrid of pomelo and white grapefruit), and Rangpur, uglifruit, Mineola, kumquat and many others.

● There is a legend that the “forbidden fruit” of the garden of Eden with which eve tempted Adam was not an Apple, and a grapefruit (from Latin it is translated as “heavenly fruit”).

● Citrus trees affect its durability. For example, an orange tree can live to 700 years.

● Clean citrus better hands, not using a metal knife, as in contact with the metal destroys many nutrients.

● Citrus allergic, so if there is a predisposition to allergies, you need to use them with great caution. It is undesirable to introduce these fruits in the diet for people suffering from gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, hyperacidity.


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