Named familiar products, accelerating the aging


Названы привычные продукты, ускоряющие старениеExperts suggest to enter in your diet more antioxidants, vitamins and proteins.

Everyone knows that some abuse is not recommended. Filled with synthetic components, they are seriously harmful to health. And dishes with flavors and preservatives negatively affect the appearance and approaching old age.

What should give up, if you don’t want to prematurely say goodbye to the youth.

1. Coffee. It is believed that coffee invigorates man, but in reality not at all it has this effect. Also, coffee inhibits the center of braking in the nervous system that only creates the appearance of cheerfulness.

2. Margarine. Margarines and spreads represent chemically hydrogenated vegetable fats, which is why unlike sunflower or olive oil margarine has a dense consistency. TRANS fats included in the composition of such products, carcinogenic, their use might lead to diseases.

3. Smoked. Meat, fish, cheese, processed with wood smoke, aromatic and delicious, but truly harmful, because the smoke contains carcinogenic substances. But today the manufacturers have abandoned the expensive and labor-intensive conventional Smoking and simply processed products with chemical compositions that mimic Smoking. And it hardly benefits.


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