Named effective recipes from the annoying snoring


Названы действенные рецепты от назойливого храпа Tips that really help.

Whose problem is it?
The fact is that snoring for almost everyone, both women and men. At first, many are faced with it only from time to time. And only about 25% of people snore almost every night. Of this amount, the majority are men. There are about 70%. In addition, the problem at the initial stage, is more about complete and older than the young and skinny.

Why is this happening?
The secret snoring hid in the physiological characteristics of the structure of the nasopharynx and throat, which in the period of sleeping, which contributes to narrowing of the lumen of the airway. In this situation, the lack of air during sleep makes mouth breathing and causes the snoring.

In other cases, people may snore during cold and other similar diseases. And again, everything comes down to breathing through the mouth during the night’s rest. Obstruction of your throat also can be caused form the nasal septum, presence of polyps or other similar reasons.

What are the consequences?
The problem with constant snoring becomes an inability to sleep properly and as a result, the accumulated drowsiness and fatigue. The next symptom will be decrease in concentration and persistent headaches. Not less important is the fact that snoring is able to affect the cardiovascular system and lead to hypertension.

How to deal with snoring
1. First of all, you need to go to the doctor — that he is able to expertly determine the causes of the problem and give all the necessary recommendations.

2. To strengthen the muscles of the throat and mouth is recommended to use chewing gum, of course, within reasonable limits.

3. For colds — in time, contact your doctor and do not start the treatment process.

4. Follow the correct power. Your diet must not include fatty, fried and indigestible components that can cause snoring.

5. Not recommended to abuse of sedative and hypnotic drugs — their use also exacerbates the problem.

6. Pass quality testing for the presence of any allergies causing breathing problems.

7. If you are overweight — try to move more and eat right.

8. Smoking — a habit that adversely affects the condition of the nasopharynx. Try to get rid of this harmful addiction, because the phlegm that collects in the larynx and trachea, is not less effective to prevent the circulation of air than other factors.

9. Alcohol abuse is one of the major factors causing the snoring. Even those who he did not initially inclined.

10. Be careful in what position you sleep. People who are prone to snoring, it is recommended to sleep on your side or stomach. Pose “back” — contributes to the ceasing of the uvula in the nasopharynx and the appearance of snoring.


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