Naked golf car female driver interrupts the deadly standoff


The tension could be seen on the faces of cops in Florida during an hour-long police action against an armed suspect last weekend, when suddenly a naked woman (28) appeared in a golf cart.

The police at Dunedin had several cars at the scene where an 18 – year-old suspect had holed up with a gun. He would have shot people, fled from the police, climbed up a roof, and refused to surrender.

The police and the shooter fell into an impasse. It lasted six hours. The situation was under control, however, until a golf cart suddenly entered the scene with a naked woman behind the wheel.

It later turned out to be the 28-year-old lady Jessica Smith, Boston resident. She was blessed with “a strongly distinguishable smell of alcoholic drink coming from her body,” the police report says.

“And she was completely naked,” wrote the officer on duty.

That wasn’t all. Smith ignored the agents’ request to leave the scene, refused to leave the golf cart, and was eventually handcuffed by agents.

“The refusal to obey our orders caused several officers to be seriously at risk of being shot at,” the police reported afterwards. Smith is suspected of disobeying orders from the police. There’s no relationship between her and the 18-year-old suspect.


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