Nadezhda Matveeva radically changed her appearance


Host of “vse bude dobre” cut your hair and flattened hair.

Nadezhda Matveeva is a winner of the extraordinary curls. Previously on television didn’t see her with any other hairstyle. But now in the new season, “vse bude dobre” viewers will be able to see how turned their favorite TV presenter.

At the party Hector Jimenez-Bravo Nadezhda Matveeva appeared with a stylish hairstyle and an updated hair color. But most others were struck by the fact that she decided to eliminate the curls using a hair iron.

Signed your new photo shared on Instagram, Hope with these words: “Perche, hto zrobiv complmenti may Novi sacsc, Boule host vecci surprise in honor of the day narodzhennya Projector. I Velma vdiachna friends for Patrico, Bo huilumies stosovno cardinalini such changes. Scorodite my hair that color to do more nasechek vsasa of nepereversheny Meister. Italasia, the Yak mene, perfect, shte th sprchovaci Bulo duzhe Prime! (All ducatum Raju)) “Prarasti” sacko need to ravnomu Volos, Swede Taka styling. Whhhooo! Thank you for schiro Patrico poperechnogo post, strike heat that sirost! VI neymour, orogenic mo├»”.

Then Matveeva showed another picture taken on the set of the new release of its program. In this photo Hope already with the usual curls, but new hair still deserves attention.


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