Motorola strikes cooperation agreement with GuRu Wireless


Motorola will develop a system to charge phones remotely, without the intervention of wires or charging pads. For this, Motorola is working with the start-up GuRu Wireless, both companies announce.

It is not yet known how the technology of Motorola and GuRu will eventually work. GuRu did, however, present a product to charge devices remotely last year. A charging system emits radio waves. If a phone is laid within 3 meters of the device, the battery can be recharged, the company states.

In addition to an announced cooperation, little is known. For example, it is not yet clear which devices from Motorola or parent company Lenovo will work with the charging system.

By the way, Motorola is not the first company that wants to use this form of wireless charging. In January, Chinese Xiaomi announced its Mi Air Charge. This system allows devices to be charged by air “within a few meters”.

In 2015, the company Energous already showed technology that could charge remotely. Although the company has received approval from the US regulator FCC for the development of the system, it is still not on the market.


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