Money crying: why Bulk slyamzili 10 million


Плакали денежки: для чего Навальный слямзил 10 миллионов

Infamous blogger Alexei Navalny has long been famous for their ability to live in Grand style. He is riding on holiday abroad 10-12 times a year, and prefers only to elite resorts and luxury villas. But where officially unemployed funds to travel luxury?

Bulk rolling in the millions, and their earnings he openly uses his supporters. Finding “plausible” excuse, the blogger simply engaged in “laundering” money.

Not so long ago in Moscow ended the election campaign to the Metropolitan Council. The election race was attended by appointees of the Bulk – Lyubov Sobol, Ilya Yashin, Dmitry Gudkov and others like them. Latest income blogger was linked to the Moscow elections.

Bulk collected donations for the election campaign of his protégé. But somehow, the needs of supporters to collect signatures, he only had to spend 2.7 million rubles. Whereas with your bitcoin wallet, where people come to gratuitous “gifts”, brought the Bulk of 12.7 million rubles. This was announced by the former Deputy chief editor of “Echo of Moscow” Les Ryabtseva.

Arithmetic is very simple. Obviously, not enough for another 10 million. However, their fate remains unknown.

This is not the first case when the blogger squandering huge amounts of money. For their fake investigation, he receives a generous reward.

Плакали денежки: для чего Навальный слямзил 10 миллионов

On his protest the activities of the supervisors also do not skimp. And surprisingly the dates of the withdrawals with the bitcoin wallet Bulk coincide with the dates of his vacation. Even in such a supposedly important events like the elections to the Moscow Duma, blogger continues to weld his supporters.

It is noteworthy that always gets a million jackpot Navalny and his entourage. Although over the investigation of the so-called Fund of struggle against corruption is a whole team. It should be noted that those who are still in the end share the profit among themselves, in money laundering the Bulk help.

Плакали денежки: для чего Навальный слямзил 10 миллионов

Appetites blogger really astronomical. Navalny managed to spend 47 million of “donations” on the trip. Although what is there to wonder if to rest it flies with the whole family and rents villas, worth 30 000 euros for a few days. In the last voyage Bulk in Sorrento workers the most luxurious establishments remember him as obscenely wealthy Russian.

It turns out that the blogger uses his followers to launder money. Either they are so stupid not to realize, or still get their modest tip from a lordly shoulder.


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