Mikhail Vinogradov: “the Shaman was to overthrow the government. What? Putin has enough protection”


Михаил Виноградов: «Шаман шел свергать власть. И что? У Путина достаточно охраны"

Shaman Alexander Gabysheva, who walked to Moscow “banish Putin” was placed in the Yakut Republican psycho-neurological dispensary. From the public had a reasonable question: and on what basis?

About this situation, “Novye Izvestia” talked to Mikhail Vinogradov, Professor of psychiatry, doctor of medical Sciences, psychiatrist-criminalist, head of the Center for legal and psychological assistance in extreme situations.

– What are the formal rules for involuntary admission to a mental hospital?

– Formal rules quite a lot. Aggression towards others, statements aggressive nature. The problem is that there are external and internal signs, which are taken as a basis. Internal signs occur imperceptibly. It’s the willingness of someone to destroy, to kill. Such signs are clear and visible to technicians. Today this is taught and law enforcement officers, so they could distinguish in the crowd of mentally inadequate people.


What the shaman was going to cast out an “evil spirit” is not a valid reason to put him in a psychiatric hospital. In the hospital it is necessary to forcibly hospitalize the person who is a danger to others or himself. “Cast out the evil spirit of Putin” it can not, the head of state is enough security.

Perhaps he represented some kind of danger either to himself or to others.

– Who makes the decision about hospitalization? Whether one psychiatrist, or the need for the specialists?

– No, it’s not just one person. In my practice there was a situation when I had to go on call at an apartment where one of the residents in a state of acute psychosis, armed with an axe smashed the door to the room. I went with his nurse. We managed to take the axe and deliver the patient to the hospital. After that I had to write the conclusion, it was considered to be the chief psychiatrist of the city, and the Council made the decision on compulsory treatment. The reason was a direct form of aggression.

Cute, nice, calm person is going to overthrow the government. When in the seventies were talking about punitive psychiatry, it was around about this. Dissidents who Express views that do not coincide with the “General party line” could be declared mentally ill. But today we have a multiparty system. Can you not respect the Communists or members of other political movements and it will never attract the attention of psychiatrists.

We have people in the country suffering from different kinds of mental disorders are many, but socially dangerous are approximately 2% – 3%. Here they are a real danger.

To the Yakut shaman, I’m quite friendly. It is an ancient, centuries-old culture and nothing wrong with that. But its social danger may be that he stirred a large number of people their delusions. It is also the basis for hospitalization.

He says that we need to cast out the evil spirit from the President. We have a lot of problems with unauthorized rallies and someone benefits of the shaman conduct all over the country and bring to the Kremlin. Certainly this man must be carefully checked. Perhaps he is mentally ill and this illness use. But the question has to other professionals, those working in public safety.


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