Microsoft has begun testing applications for the new OS


Microsoft начал тестировать приложения для новой ОСThe Corporation may issue a software platform or an unusual gadget in the near future.

In the list of supported platforms application store Microsoft Store has a new record: now, in addition to Windows Mobile, Xbox, PC and HoloLens there is 8828080. Users took it as a reference to Andromeda OS, which was developed specifically for the latest devices, such as a folding Surface.

Earlier, representatives of Microsoft have already talked about 8828080: Daniel Rubino in Twitter account explained that it was an insider joke, denoting a corporate smartphone Andromeda.

Platform support 8828080 already stated in many Microsoft applications for smartphones and computers. Some third-party apps such as Spotify, Andromeda also mention in their descriptions.

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Given the recent Microsoft patents, the Redmond company can really produce a software platform or an unusual gadget based on it in the near future.


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