Microsoft closes the possibility of free transfer from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10


Microsoft закрывает возможность бесплатного перехода с Windows 8.1 на Windows 10Microsoft 9 January of this year, acknowledged Windows 8.1 outdated OS.

Now the transition to Windows 10 is possible only on paid conditions.

Free Win10 was initially until 31 December 2017, but soon an opportunity was extended to January 16, 2018. For those who don’t have enough time to upgrade to the new version, the price will be such: during the version Home user will pay $ 140, and for Pro is twice as expensive. In fact, “ten” is a refinement of version 8.1, so there is the opinion that to upgrade to the new version there is no reason.

Be updated for free to Windows 10 will not be released, but the official website you can purchase a key. The key will cost 300 rubles. It’s much cheaper than buying the basic version of developers


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