Meghan Markle messages to press secretary reveals her defensive stance


Texts and emails Meghan Markle sent in 2018 to her then press secretary Jason Knauf have been made public by a court in London. In the reports, The Duchess of Sussex writes that Harry was constantly being bullied by his family about his relationship with her father Thomas Markle.

In the messages released in the trial of Meghan and Harry against Associated Newspapers, the publisher of tabloids MailOnline and the Mail on Sunday, the Duchess writes about her plans to write a letter to her father. The reason for the letter was that Thomas, with whom she had hardly any contact, always sought out the media in the run-up to her marriage to Harry to give interviews about his daughter.

That this situation was also a thorn in the side of the British royal family, can be seen from the messages Meghan sent to Knauf at the time. “The reason for doing this is because I see how much it hurts H,” Meghan writes, Where by H she means her fiancé Harry. “Even after a week with his father and explaining the situation endlessly, his family doesn’t seem to understand and they keep asking ‘if I can’t just go to him and stop it’. They just don’t understand, so by writing the letter H can tell his family ‘she wrote and he’s still doing it’. I’m hoping this will protect H from the continuous abuse, and while it’s unlikely, my dad might stop for a while.”

The messages also show that Meghan Markle anticipated that the letter would be leaked.

“It’s clear that all I’ve drawn up with science is that it can be leaked, so I’ve been careful in my choice of words.”

The reports have been made public to find out if the newspapers of Associated Newspapers have violated the Duchess’s privacy by publishing the letter to her father. A judge ruled that that was the case in 2018, but the newspaper appealed. According to the publisher, The Duchess would also have contributed to a book about her life, Finding Freedom, and therefore not take it so closely with her privacy. Where the Duchess previously said she did not participate in the book, last week she had to admit she did. She said she “forgot”that. It is expected that the judge will rule at a later date.


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