May fishing in the suburbs very emotional


The fishermen long waited for a good bite for carp, and he came. The results of fishing peaceful fish big impact, as in recent years, has fishing fashion. Change float snap-on feeder leads to the fact that trying to fish from a great distance, while she is under my feet. This was especially true for ponds, lakes and quarries.

As every year, during the spawning period, there is active discussion of fishing regulations and a surge in complaints about the dominance of poachers. I want to Express a personal opinion.

This year reached a cooperation agreement fisheries inspectors, police, FSB and Regardie. It may seem that this is done to increase the size. I think that this is done in order to actually prosecute a large army of different kinds of “untouchables”, including the same officers who go down to the shooting of spawning pike.

With this approach, of course, lots of poachers with nets, weirs, lifts and electric rods will remain outside the attention, but they can and must be fought without attracting Resguardo. And to begin with to yourself not to break the rules of the spawning ban, no matter how undeveloped they may be.

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Back to the carp. The timing of spawning of any fish depend on water temperature, and therefore vary in different waters. Importantly, not a calendar date, and the degree of heating of water. Therefore, this factor is necessary to pay attention in the first place.

Peat in shallow waters spawning the carp started, and roach has ended. In deep pits and flowing lakes, and dams, roach only stops spawning and the carp haven’t even begun to really bite. As for river carp from the Volga, its massive stroke and nibble this year were noted.


Here anglers to “ride it out” literally during the last two weeks. Caught roach, bleak, skimmers and a bream. Began to catch large carp. The fish came out on the seats with heated water, and good fishing is often required flight classic float rod.

The feeder was easy to throw for the fish, and then complain about its absence or a break in the weather. Now is the time when you can fish a short rod on top of a bleak, but if you omit the bait to the bottom, you can catch bream.

This happens if the submerged river-bed passes close to the coast, and the angler uses when fishing for bleak a fairly large amount of bait.

The roach was a bit of a down period for spawning, but in recent days she again start to bite. The time has come the most active of catching a big bleak. It is important not to waste your time on things and look for ponds and places with a really big fish.

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It will continue until the cold snap. But judging by the forecasts, we can expect a good bite in the coming days. More importantly, in the still water every day is increasingly clear the correlation between quality of gear and the results of fishing.


Very interesting situation now on small rivers. Despite the fluctuations in water level, the fish are very active. In addition to the bleak, sometimes pecking and sometimes roach, bream and silver bream. Started to get a Chub, and a very decent size.

Carp on rivers in which this fish comes from the river Volga, the local fishermen were watching, but without much success. Continues to peck at the minnow, although the number compared with previous years have clearly decreased.

Big rivers have different fishing conditions and the results were very different. I, of course, do not take into account the spinning of poachers who violate the ban. In addition to small skimmers and roach began to come across quite solid bream, large bream, IDE and sabrefish.

Tactics for catching still running, but using bait. Radically improves the quality of the bait any animal component, starting with bloodworms and maggots and chopped worm ending, minced fish or shrimp.
Increasingly, the roach responds to “barley” and hemp, bream and carp on the pasta.


Great peck of small roach and bleak. Carp are regularly caught at shallow depths. It is very important to find the point in which this fish came out to warm up.

Carp are every day more and responds faster to small portions of the mixture, diluted with earth. Began to catch large carp in grassy shallow areas. Biting is very fleeting, but the probability of catching truly trophy fish.


Cultural reservoirs is very quick change trout fishing for carp and sturgeon. The water temperature may soon reach the critical at which the trout stops to eat. The biting of a carp in the coming days should go to Jordan.

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The signs, the peak of the spring bite carp usually coincides with the beginning of mass flowering of dandelions. The results of the fishing in recent days while confirm this omen.

Carp perfectly responds to the bait and bite on shallow areas on a worm, oparysha, pellets and even on pieces of herring in wine sauce, which happens when fishing sturgeon. But the most hungry pound carp, just recently started to get “trophies” into 5-8 kg.

Spawned a very active pike. Have caught fish over 8 pounds. Good bite whitefish.


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