Max Polyakov: Noosphere Ventures will fight for clean Internet


The founder of one of the most successful Ukrainian companies Noosphere Ventures Max Polyakov will organize a special fund for honest online media in Ukraine. They will check the news before publication and will not accept custom-ordered materials from external sources. The size of the Noosphere Ventures fund is still unknown. This information was provided by Alexander Dondik, Ukrainian-American businessman Max Polyakov’s lawyer, in the comment for

As reported by, it is about provision of worthy grants to Ukrainian online media. The program created by Noosphere Ventures will determine the most honest and quoted media, which  create “their own content that is not only useful to readers, but also сhecked and approved by the program.” quotes a company’s representative: «Noosphere Ventures and other projects of my client have repeatedly been the victims of black PR ordered by competitors. Over the past year, the Internet has been filled with more than three hundred publications that discredit the honor and dignity of Mr. Polyakov. We documented most of these materials by all available means for filing a lawsuit».

«At this stage, we already know the customer who orders the waves of black PR, and the performers. In accordance with our information, the dirty campaign is organized by Max Polyakov’s former business partner, owner of a number of illegal online casinos – Maxim Krippa. It is Maxim Krippa who may become a defendant in court. In the meantime, my client will not reply to slander with slander, no… Max Polyakov clearly states: Noosphere Ventures will fight for clean Internet and make UAnet better»,  – quotes A. Dondik.

Earlier, the Ukrainian media informed about Maxim Krippa’s connection with the creator of League of Secure Internet, a Russian businessman Konstantin Malofeev. «Taking into account the regional specifics of the “Samopomich” voter, one should expect the investigation of the “Russian trace “in the financing of the party. For example, there is information about Maxim Krippa from the Kiev team who allegedly sold his IT company Evoplay to Konstantin Malofeev (a Russian oligarch who is suspected of organizing the project “Novorussia”)», – the Ukrainian portal InfoResist informed. Maxim Krippa participated in the elections to the Kiev City Council from the party “Samopomich”.

The media also noted that Maxim Krippa and Max Polyakov were partners in gambling business in Ukraine, in particular, in creating clones of the online casino “Vulkan”. l’Européenne de Bruxelles accused Max Polyakov of direct pressure and called his actions a threat to freedom of speech.


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