Making Your Kitchen Lighting Changes for Greater Efficiency and Safety


You can design your kitchen to make it more efficient. Lighting needs to be part of that design. Use pendant lights in a decorative way to provide good lighting and keep yourself safe. Wait, did you know that some lighting in your kitchen design could be dangerous? Read on.

Can kitchen pendants provide light to brighten your kitchen safer than other lights? Turns out, they can. There are studies that show how LED lights are dangerous to your health. To avoid that, buy regular or fluorescent bulbs. Provide the right lighting under counters too so you can see what you are cooking. Lighting in the cabinets is important too. You need to be able to see what is inside the cabinet.

Whether you believe that LED lights are harmful to your health or not, they do make an amazing lighting choice. Pendant lights are one of the best choices for your kitchen lighting. It’s decorative and protects your eyesight, by proving enough light to see, but not so much that you experience radiation damage to your body.

Avoid all that damage and decorate with the traditional light bulbs. It turns out that even fluorescent lights are safer. Place them around the kitchen until there are no dark spots. Place them in the middle of the room where the counters are to avoid getting in the way of traffic.

Pendant light fixtures might not be something you know about. If you haven’t heard about them yet, consider these things. Traditionally used in bars, they offer a decorative design to any room. In this case, your kitchen will have an excellent lighting source that is bright and safe. They adjust with cords and are easily installed in your kitchen. They can be low on the counter to provide light right at the hand level.

Place them in a location where you won’t need to go under them. Raise them up high for brighter lights throughout the room. They work nicely. Color choices make it a fun project. They come in so many styles. Originally released in the victorian era, their use has been popular in various decorating for years.

Installation is simple too with a stepladder and a screwdriver. To adjust the height climb up on the ladder and unscrew the plate in the ceiling. Then the pendant will drop down. Take up the cord to adjust the height and then re-assemble the ceiling plate with the screwdriver. That’s it. You should hire an electrician if you don’t have the ceiling plates installed.

Then you can begin with the organization. Kitchen organization begins with slidable drawers that reveal all of your pots and pans. They can also organize your spices and pantry supplies. There are people that buy individual tubs and place items organized in them. This can keep the refrigerator and freezer better organized. That allows the family to do grab-and-go meals.

Master snack time using these storage containers. It also offers a way to know what you need to buy at the grocery store. You can create a system to alert when you are out of something. There are electronic gadgets that add foods to a list when you run out. There are so many choices for storage in your kitchen. Some people come home from the store and place the individual loose supplies in containers with lids. Label them for individual use. There are cereal containers to place the bowl beneath and lift a handle to avoid the boxes that you have in your kitchen.

The next time you want to cook or bake you’ll know what you have and where it is. you won’t hurt your eyes or health. Your family will see and know where everything is too at meals on the go or snack-time. Montessori schools encourage this method of design in your kitchen, at your child’s height to encourage self-efficiency. It works well and gives the caretakers time to clean or take care of the other things. Use these ideas to light your storage and kitchen better for greater efficiency and your safety.


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